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«Derazhnyansky milk factory» -
one of the companies uprising, which is stable and increasing its production.

All products are produced, enjoys a remarkable demand of buyers. Only in the regional center it traded about 200 stores and distribution centers. In addition, the plant supplies products boarding schools, kindergartens, hospitals, nursing homes.
Production capacity 100t allow processing of raw materials per day.
In 2003 Khmelnytsky Association awarded enterprise customers sign of «consumer confidence» and handed mace as transitional.
For release in the local market needed products to take the first place in regional competition «For people to state».
In 2007, the Society of Consumer and Khmelnytsky Khmelnytsky Oblast Union of Entrepreneurs and consumers «Quality skirts» sign «consumer confidence» was awarded the following types of products:

  • pasteurized milk 2,5% fat
  • sour cream 20% fat
  • kefir «Family» 2,5% fat
  • cheese brine «Brynza»
  • soft cheese «Adygeis'ky».

The company's products - the winner in Ukraine and product quality (goods and services) «100 best goods of Ukraine» in the category «Groceries» at the regional level:
- in 2005. - sour cream 20% fat packed in polystyrene cups;
- in 2006. - sweet butter
- in 2007. - soft cheese «Adygeis'ky».
Reliability, high grade consumer group to inspire creative and diligent work.
The company was awarded diplomas of the district and regional administrations and regional councils.
Chairman of the Board Yavlinsky Valery Stanislavovych awarded Honored Industry of Ukraine.
Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on Agrarian Policy and Land Relations in 2004. company awarded a commemorative «Leader of food and processing industry of Ukraine in 2004».
Dairy Plant winner of contest «Best Employer of the Year».

Most of the factory pays attention to milk collection from population: in five districts created in 1980 Milk plant receiving points.
In 2011 Derazhnyansky dairy awarded a diploma, «Gold as the national symbol of goods and services of Ukraine» for the production of quality products:

  • pasteurized milk
  • sour milk products
  • sweet butter «Peasant»
  • raw brine «Suluguni» and «Brynza»
  • soft cheese «Adygeis'ky»
  • hard cheese «Russian» and «Poshehonsky»

Gold as a symbol of national goods and services «logo is the central song» Golden Scythian pectoral «produced 400 r.d.n.e.»
This is a historical matrix of perpetual source of excellence given to us ancestors.
As a result of national economic and industrial competition head the winners awarded an honorary gold pectoral sign «Best Manager of the Year».

Reliability, high grade consumer group to inspire creative and diligent work.

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